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Nacogdoches CARES Grant Application

  1. Has this business been in operation since January 1, 2020?*

  2. Is this business a sole proprietorship?*

  3. Is this business a registered non-profit?*

  4. Were you subject to the Governor’s executive order or a local order requiring your business be closed to the public?*

  5. Please complete and attach the following (your application will not be considered complete until all required information is received):

    W9 form

  6. Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement for 2019

  7. Balance sheet

  8. For sole proprietors only – Schedule C for 2018 or 2019

  9. For non-profits only – IRS Form 990

  10. Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement as of August 2020

  11. Documentation of Going Concern and Business Verification (attach one of the following):

    ◦ Secretary of State Texas File Number ◦ Employee Identification Number ◦ DBA ◦ 2019 tax return

  12. Proof of employment (attach one of the following):

    ◦ W-3 form ◦ 941 form ◦ Or other document showing payroll expenses for January 2020 and the same document for August 2020

  13. Please combine all required documents into one attachment before uploading

  14. Leave This Blank:

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