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May 20

Zion Hill Update - April 2021

Posted on May 20, 2021 at 3:32 PM by Jessica Sowell

On March 15-17 Red River Restoration removed 16 basement windows for restoration. Red River Restoration has a shop in Austin where they restore wood windows by hand - they were even featured on an episode of Texas Country Reporter!

As we all know the Zion Hill roof is in poor condition and will be replaced early on in the restoration process. We selected the replacement roof color and the shingles have been ordered. We selected Rustic Black, a color similar to the one Nacogdoches County Historical Foundation installed almost 20 years ago.

When it comes to historic buildings, nothing is ever uniform. Cox Contractors was reminded of that when milling the siding for the interior of Zion Hill - some portions of the siding have different measurements than other parts. This lead to them having to make 2 custom knives and order 80% of one siding size and 20% of another size - the wood profiles are the same, but the widths are different. We assume that all of the siding was the same size when it was originally cut in 1914, but the wood may have aged differently or been effected by the elements in different ways. Milling of the siding is now complete and ready to be installed once the interior shoring is complete. All non-structural interior walls in the basement have been removed and the lumber for the interior shoring has been delivered.

In 2001 & 2005 the Nacogdoches County Historical Foundation received a Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant. One of the conditions of the grant was having a preservation easement on the property until 2050 - this means that the Texas Historical Commission has to review all work done on the property before a project is started. A representative of THC recently visited the site to do routine easement monitoring and took some fantastic pictures while she was here. We've included a few!

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