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Mar 12

Zion Hill Update - March 2021

Posted on March 12, 2021 at 10:36 AM by Jessica Sowell

Progress and...
I'm happy to report that we are making a lot of progress on the Zion Hill restoration project! We were very fortunate to make it through the mid-February snow storm with no damage to the building. Since the snow and ice have thawed and things have returned to normal, we have been able to make large strides with our restoration project. All pews and fixtures were moved by our Parks staff from the building into storage, the lead paint encapsulation has wrapped up and Cox Contractors has started on selective demolition.

Several non-historic walls were removed from the basement including the main dividing wall, restroom walls, the large kitchen counter and closet enclosures. This means there has been a lot of noise and a lot of mess at the site, but those are all great signs of progress! Our next steps are to install a few more sections of interior scaffolding that will be used as work platforms and identify the basement windows that will be removed and restored off site. Be prepared to see plywood in several window opening, but don't worry, they're only temporary!

With the help of the Nacogdoches Police Department drone, we were able to capture some amazing photos of the Zion Hill Church in the snow. Also included are a few photos of where lead paint was found and treated on the building as well as a photo of the basement without walls. We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes images!