Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has ten detectives. It is the responsibility of the detectives to conduct follow up investigations on all-major crimes.

Responsibilities include:
  • gathering of evidence
  • processing gathered evidence
  • interviewing witnesses
  • locating and maintaining informants
  • filing for arrest warrants and arresting defendants
  • preparing completed cases for presentation to a prosecuting attorney
These criminal cases are investigated by this division and then presented to the appropriate prosecutor. Cases are referred to prosecutors when sufficient information and evidence exists to request that the case be reviewed or prosecuted. The final disposition of a criminal case rests with the prosecutor.

This division is also responsible for the maintenance of the property and evidence storage for the police department. Through Property and Evidence the division catalogs, processes and maintains all items of evidence and recovered property. The appropriate storage, record keeping and disposition of these items is a responsibility shared by the members of the division but primarily controlled through the property and evidence detective.

This division also maintains intelligence regarding gang activity and gang involvement in local criminal activity. This information is used to successfully prosecute gang members and their affiliates at the local, state and federal level.

The CID lieutenant also supervises Professional Standards investigations within the police department. Professional Standards investigates citizen complaints of a serious nature concerning police employee misconduct, serious police use of force incidents and serious policy violations.