We desperately need foster homes - homes where a rescue dog / cat can live until he / she is adopted. We can provide crates to each foster home, and try to match the right dog / cat to the foster home, depending on that foster home's level of experience with dogs, as well as the dog's age and activity level. We place only dogs / cats that we know are good with children in foster homes with kids.

Even if you cannot foster, but know people who might be interested, please recruit them, and ask them to contact us for information and details.

Rewarding & Challenging

Fostering is very rewarding and challenging, as you see the animal begin to come out of his shell from the shelter, and begin to trust and love again. Many of the animals need a consistent schedule and some training: setting boundaries for them as far as sitting before eating, heeling on a leash, etc.

Veterinary Care

Any necessary veterinary care is paid for by donations from the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter and Humane Society, but first must be approved. All animals receive their shots for parvo, distemper, bordatella, and are checked for heartworms prior to being place in a foster home.