Main Street Advisory Board


Twelve (12) members


Three (3) years


Main Street

Job Requirements

Each board member should have or provide one or more of the following:

  • A demonstrated interest in Nacogdoches Main Street’s purpose and its goals.
  • Specific experience in and/or knowledge of preservation, tourism development, fundraising, administration, finance, advertising, public relations, communications, marketing, nonprofit development, or economic development.
  • 4-10 hours per month of available time outside of board meetings.
  • Be a member of the Friends of Main Street Program

Individual Standards

A responsible advisory board member:

  • Supports board decisions and the Main Street Manager, even when he or she may disagree with the majority decision.
  • Understands the mission & vision of the Main Street Program and promotes its goals and activities to his or her own constituent groups and to the community as a whole.
  • Attends the majority of board meetings.
  • Attends as many special events and fundraisers as possible including Main Street Merchant Meetings and Get to know your downtown neighbor
  • Contributes knowledge, financial resources or labor to Nacogdoches Main Street.
  • Respects the need for the Main Street Manager to report to only one “boss.”
  • Offers opinions honestly, without reservation and in a constructive way.
  • Does not commit more time to the Main Street program than he or she can realistically afford.
  • Delegates responsibilities to committees when appropriate.
  • Promotes unity within the organization and seeks to resolve conflicts.
  • Encourages orderly, systematic and incremental implementation of Main Street program’s work plan discouraging the board from being distracted by secondary issues or projects not included in the program’s annual agenda.
  • Encourages staff and other board members to express their opinions openly in board meetings.
  • Is loyal to the program and honors his or her commitment to it.
  • Takes responsibility of his/her position on the board and takes appropriate action if life situations alter his/her time commitment.
  • Recruit additional Friends of Main Street

Board Members

Current Advisory Board Members