Main Street

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The City of Nacogdoches is undergoing two intensive planning processes to update its Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Master Plan. These plans will serve as a road map for the next 20 to 30 years, which will help guide decisions related to land use, downtown, transportation, and housing.

Please visit to learn more about our NacTogether Master Planning project! Throughout the planning process, this page will serve as the hub for all updates and engagement, so be sure to bookmark it to your device.

There’s just something special about Downtown Nacogdoches. Maybe it’s the red brick streets, maybe it’s the locally owned stores, maybe it’s the beautifully preserved historic buildings or maybe it’s a combination of all of those things and more. 

The Main Street Department strives to make Downtown Nacogdoches a year round destination where visitors and locals experience the heart of our community rich with history, commerce, entertainment and cultural opportunities. 

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite restaurant, wanting to shop at a chic boutique, looking for a place to listen to live music or wanting to take a tour of historic buildings and statues, you can find that and more Downtown! Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it on Main Street.

Come visit us!