Parks Projects

Park Restrooms Graphic

Park Restrooms

The current park restrooms at Banita Creek, Mill Pond, McCrimmon, Ritchie Street and Lake Nacogdoches West parks were built in the 1970s and early 1980s. Most of these restrooms are in extremely poor condition or are no longer functional and some have been closed to the public. The proposed restrooms would allow us to provide adequate, functional and ADA compliant restrooms to our residents. Five restrooms are budgeted at $1,320,000. The need for more and better restrooms in the parks was a common topic during the development of the Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Planning process, written in 2017.

Park Playgrounds

This project includes the design and construction of a new playground at Robert McCrimmon Park and Mill Pond Park. These two playgrounds, located in the Southeast Ward, were installed in the 1980s and have not been updated since that time. This budget item will allow us to upgrade our playgrounds to equipment similar to the new playgrounds at Pioneer Park, Pecan Park and Banita Creek Park. The costs of these two items are $480,000.