Fire Department Projects

New Central Fire Station Graphic

New Central Fire Station

This project will allow for the relocation and consolidation of Fire Stations 2 and 5 into one, more centrally located, fire station  in close proximity to Downtown Nacogdoches. Stations 2 and 5 are each 70 years old and do not provide adequate space and facilities for our firefighters to function effectively, nor do they provide many of the health and safety features of modern fire stations.  A fire station relocation study was conducted in 2020 to determine the feasibility of moving from five fire stations to four fire stations while still providing the same service to our City. By reducing the number of stations while maintaining the same number of firefighters we will be able to increase the minimum number of firefighters on each fire engine from 2 to 3, enabling them to effectively do their job when they arrive at an emergency. The cost of this project is $8,080,000.

Map of Proposed Fire Station Locations

Fire Station Location Study