1. A team of 4 players (men or women) will be split and paired with another team from a different company.  No company shall have more than 2 individuals playing together. 

  2. Each team member will play one shot each. From the two shots hit, the best one will be played.  Each team member then plays the next shot from that spot and the process is repeated until the hole is completed. 

  3. At each selected spot through the green, the team member will play from any point within 3 ft. of where the selected ball came to rest, no closer to the hole.

  4. In a hazard, the selected ball will be played from the first point where it lies.  The other player shall then drop, in accordance with the rules, within 3 feet of that point, but within the hazard.

  5. On the green, the ball selected will be marked and each shot will be played from as near that spot as possible.

  6. Ties will be broken with a scorecard playoff, on both teams' scorecards.

  7. Golf will be played at Woodland Hills Golf Club. There will be a shotgun start at 1:00pm.  All players names must be turned in the Monday prior to tournament, so that hole assignments can be made.  A course “Marshall” will be present to monitor each round on a spot check basis.