Games will follow many of the same rules as Softball with the following exceptions:

1. Teams will consist of minimum 4 men and 4 women, 9 players on the field including pitcher, catcher, 4 infield and 3 outfield.  The roster must not exceed 12 players including the coach.

2. Pitching: Each team will pitch to the other team. Pitchers must pitch from the pitching mound and cannot go in front of the plate until the ball is kicked. Slow to moderate pitches only. If the kicker requests a slower pitch then the pitcher is obligated to do so. The pitcher should try his/her best to give the kicker a pitch that they feel most comfortable kicking. You are not trying to strike out the batter.

3. Kicking: All kicks must be made by foot. A kicker can be called out if they get 3 strikes or 4 foul balls. A play ends when the pitcher has control of the ball and is near the mound/pitching circle. NO BUNTING (full extension of leg required).

4. The ball can be thrown at a player and MUST hit shoulder or below. The runner will be called safe if hit in the head UNLESS they are sliding/ducking the ball. If a player is hit in the head they get the base they are running towards.

5. No leading off or stealing is allowed. Players must stay out of the baseline. Any player who deliberately crashes into a defensive player holding the ball, waiting to apply a tag, will be called out. 

6. No Metal Cleats.

7. Game times are set to begin at 6:00pm at the Coy Simms Softball Complex.