Mini Golf

1. Each team will be paired with a team from a different company.

2. Each team will play one (1) round of 18 holes. The winner will be determined by the team with the lowest combined score. 

3. There will be a maximum of 10 strokes per hole. 

4. Balls leaving the putting area must be placed at the starting tee. The errant stroke counts, but an additional penalty stroke will not be added.

5. Ties will be broken with a 1 hole tie-breaker. The team that is in the top 3 but NOT in the tie, will draw a hole to be “replayed” by both teams that are tied. The team with the lower number on that hole will be the winner of the tie breaker.

6. Mini-Golf will begin at 6:00pm at Nacoville Course 3507 North St.