Redistricting normally takes place following each decennial census, in order to redraw boundaries to balance out changes in population and comply with the “one person, one vote” principle required by the U.S. Supreme Court and applicable civil rights law.

In addition to the one person, one vote rule, cities in Texas must be aware of the federal Voting Rights Act requirements that govern the redistricting process. The United States Constitution requires approximately equal population in each district within a city. 

If the City’s initial assessment shows uneven population growth in some of the City’s districts, then the City Council will consider the adoption of redistricting criteria. The criteria would apply to the development of new districting plans and guidelines for public participation in the redistricting process.

Redistribución de distritos electorales

La redistribución de distritos electorales normalmente se lleva a cabo después de cada censo decenal, con el fin de volver a trazar los límites para equilibrar los cambios en la población y cumplir con el principio de "una persona, un voto" requerido por la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos y la ley de derechos civiles aplicable. 

Además de la regla de una persona, un voto, las ciudades de Texas deben conocer los requisitos federales de la Ley de Derechos Electorales que rigen el proceso de redistribución de distritos. La Constitución de los Estados Unidos requiere poblaciones de tamaños aproximadamente similares en cada distrito dentro de una ciudad. 

Si la evaluación inicial de la Ciudad muestra un crecimiento demográfico desigual en algunos de los distritos de la Ciudad, entonces el Concejo Municipal considerará la adopción de criterios de redistribución de distritos. Los criterios se aplicarían al desarrollo de nuevos planes de distritos y pautas para la participación pública en el proceso de redistribución de distritos.

City Redistricting Meetings Schedule

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Future Meetings

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Time: 6:00pm  
Joint City/NISD Public Forum Presentation
C.L. Simon Recreation Center
1112 North St.,
Nacogdoches, TX
Thursday, January 6, 2022
Time: 6:00pm
Joint City/NISD Public Forum Presentation
NISD Redistricting Maps - Districts 1-5 Plan A

City Redistricting Maps - January 5 & 6 Public Forums
Nacogdoches High School
4310 Appleby Sand Rd., Nacogdoches, TX
*Thursday, January 18, 2022
Time: 5:30pm
City Council Meeting

City Hall Council Chambers
202 East Pilar St., Nacogdoches, TX

*Redistricting meetings at City Hall will be available for virtual and in person participation.

Past Meetings


Tuesday, November 2, 2021
City Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
City Council Meeting

Monday, December 6, 2021
City Council Meeting

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City Council Districts Map

Los distritos del consejo de Nacogdoches.

Redistricting Documents

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Redistricting Mapping

An important feature of the redistricting process is the opportunity for interested residents to use a software program to prepare their own proposed district maps in accordance with the City Council’s adopted criteria.

The City of Nacogdoches is providing an Online Mapping Tool to allow the members of the public to draw their own maps and submit them to the City Council. You will need to set up an account on the software platform in order to view the maps.  All maps must be submitted for review by 5:00pm, January 3rd, to  Please use the link below to access the Online Mapping Tool.