Board and Staff

Staff Members

Often property owners, merchants, and sponsors anticipate Main Street staff devoting the majority of its time and resources to event planning. In the Main Street approach, events and festivals are only a limited way to influence economic development. Because of this the staff’s charge is actually much broader and includes advancing efforts that effect:

Design - the physical infrastructure of downtown
Organization - fundraising and public awareness
Marketing/Promotion - downtown image development
Economic redevelopment - business recruitment and retention


Amy Mehaffey


Jessica Pinkert


Payton Shilling

Board members

Ryan Russell, President
Rebecca Gall, Vice President
Rikki Leigh Willoughby, Secretary
Laura Culpepper 
Marsha Fountain 
Melody Diven
Mike Mallot
Carlie Allen 
Trenton Birdwell
R. J. Bohac
Sam Mora

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