E-Mail Marketing

Email is one of the city’s most frequently utilized forms of publication. The City of Nacogdoches Communication Department utilizes Constant Contact, an email distribution platform, to distribute information to over 3,800 members in our contact list.

Main Street Monthly

Main Street Monthly aims to share happenings and events about Downtown Nacogdoches. In 2016, the open rate for this monthly newsletter was 31.25%. This is greater than the 24.66% industry standard. Plans remain to continue the distribution of this newsletter.

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Low Down on the Oldest Town

To mimic the success and format of Main Street Monthly, an E-Mail marketing campaign specific to city operations has been implemented utilizing the same contact list. this publication shares the happenings of the entire City and aims to inform the public of various news and events in the City of Nacogdoches. 

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