NacWise Alert

The City of Nacogdoches is pleased to announce that we have implemented NacWise Alert so we can stay connected to you, our residents and efficiently provide you with information in the event of a hurricane, wildfire or other disaster. Initially, NacWise Alert will be focused on emergencies, but over time we plan to grow and expand to allow our residents access to a variety of information on City services and programs. You may also utilize NacWise Alert to receive email, text messages (SMS) to mobile phones and posts on Facebook, RSS feeds and Twitter channels. If you are hearing impaired NacWise Alert can send messages to your TTY/TDD device.
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NacWise Alert allows the City of Nacogdoches to keep our community safe and informed. NacWise Alert will communicate with you in just a matter of minutes during an emergency situation. NacWise Alert is GIS based and messages will be targeted to your neighborhood when they matter. The system makes it easy to select how you want to receive various notifications. By logging on, you will also help us make sure your location and contact information are current and accurate.

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Stay tuned for more options via NacWise Alert.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet (PDF)


Your public primary residential and business phone is automatically included in the system. Opt out of services.